Chayote Seed Sprouting

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I took and now post this picture of a choyote seed to demonstrate the nature of chayote.  It's the seed on the inside that will sprout.  While many people plant the entire chayote, it's a waste of food to do so.  Just cut out the seed, and plant the seed.  Eat the rest.  Additionally, this method has the advantage that the chayote itself doesn't rot after about a month, leaving a big hole in the ground and lots of nasty insects and animals that promptly attempt to kill the chayote plant you had been meaning to grow.  Normally, I do recommend planting the chayote seed in a black plastic bag with soil and fertilizer or compost, placing the seed knife-edge horizontal, 1/2-1 inch from the top of the soil.  I planted this one much higher and vertically  just for demonstration purposes.  It will do fine anyhow.  I love to see seeds sprouting.  Don't you?

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