Couchsurfing Cyclists in Costa Rica

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This group of four hardy Ticos came through Uvita, Costa Rica on their way from San Jose to the Osa.  They had already pedaled two hundred kilometers when they arrived just after dark at our house.  We made them some famous shake and some other tasty morsels, and they slurped and gobbled just like professional Sumo wrestlers.  Couchsurfing is an international organization that makes it easy to locate people to meet while traveling (sometimes you can even stay on their couch!).  There is an active group in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, and indeed in most countries in Central America and around the world.  Milyn, Rosalinda, and I are the only ones in the database from Uvita.  Supposedly there will be a gathering of website programmers soon in Costa Rica called the Couchsurfing Collective, who will work together to improve their website.  But I'm not sure whether that has been confirmed yet.

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