Delicious Shake Ingredients

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This is the ingredient list for my favorite shake smoothie.  Frozen banana, frozen noni, frozen pineapple (all frozen to preserve freshness and to make the smoothie cold); a tiny bit of very hot pepper, ginger, almonds (pre-soaked I think is a little better); home-made yogurt; and a pinch of salt (not pictured).   This is like ice cream but healthy.  Sometimes I also add coconut water and some coconut meat from young coconut, OR instead of yogurt I make coconut milk for the base (with old coconut).   Once I have the ingredients, I usually cut the noni and banana smaller to help the blender.  Our blender is a 600W black and decker that has 10 speeds, from 95% to 100% power at 1/2% intervals. I swear, the speeds are all identical and all high.  Yum, delicious.

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