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they're lucky to have you in panama

they should make sure they don't mess it up.  having somebody like you around can help a lot of people get things done. 


It all started out because the blocks that the locals make are very poor, the mix ratio of concrete and sand is a whole lot of sand and a pinch of concrete. When I can break a block with my hand I'm not building anything with it.

back home you could jack a truck up on a block, you try that down here and your in for going to be in for a surprise.

so I ordered my own block machine thinking I could make my own and supply myself with enough blocks to build a pool and a wall around my property.

then when I went to buy sand they all wanted 35.00 a yard for it, down the mountain it sells for 10.00 so I thought well might as well buy a dump truck. so I did.

once people found out I was going to make my own and why, they all started calling saying they wanted my blocks once I got going with it, so I thought well If I start selling some, I'll need more then a dump truck to haul it, so I saw a roll back wrecker for sale that would fit the bill, so I bought it.

My building started out small now it covers 120 ft long by about 50 ft. wide.

I have a 340b tractor with a box blade, and I bought a 2008 john deere 325 skid steer, to load sand rock and gravel that I will also sell.

I got a good price for concrete as well, and up here they charge 10.00 per bag, my cost was 6.60 so I thought I could sell concrete by the bag for 7.60 a bag and still make money.

So then with buying concrete on pallets, I needed a fork lift. so I bought one of those last week.

so now we are still working on the building and getting some of the equipment up where it needs to be. the fork lift I bought is a used model lift 6,000 pounds. But the guy who had it didn't take care of it. So I'm running through all of it to get in back up to shape.

I will never understand people who buy high dollar things and don't take care of them. For one thing the man said you have to fill her up with water each time you run it, because there is a hole in the radiator, well good lord. it took me 10 mins to pull the thing out, and got it fixed for 40.00.

I checked the air filter, and there wasn't one.


All in all I am just playing, trying to find something to keep me busy. I love working on things and making them better. and taking a raw piece of land and watching a building raise up out of it.


If I make money with it great, if not it's not a big deal.


do you have plans to start building stuff with all these rigs?  for yourself or as a business? 

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