Consider Uvita, Costa Rica for Your Next Vacation

Consider Uvita, Costa Rica for Your Next Vacation

I am going to put on the best salesman smile I can muster and tell you about this town I like, Uvita.

Uvita, Costa Rica is located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It offers accomodations in every price range - from bunks to luxury homes. It might just be the best place for you to choose as your next travel destination.

Nature abounds in what has come to be called the Bahia Ballena Coast, far enough away from the bustle of Costa Rica's capital of San Jose, and far enough away from the hard-core built-up resort areas like Jaco and Manuel Antonio.

Locals in Uvita are friendly, and the banks and stores and restaurants offer everything from your choice of ATMs to don Perignon.

Best choices of where to stay:

Budget - Check out the Tucan, just 100m from downtown Uvita.  Or head to Cascada Verde, just 1km out of town, to be closer to the monkeys.

High-end - Consider Whales and Dolphins, where you can rent your own luxury cabin next to the swimming pool with the best view of Uvita's famous "Whales Tails" rock formation.

Get ready for some of the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine. Uvita is waiting for you.


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